Letter to self #2

Dear me,

Why are you so confused? You’re almost finished with your tests. You’ve been eating quite healty and exercising quite regularly. You sleep well. Why do you have such moodswings then? What in the hell is your problem? What’s with the broken heart that’s coming back all of a sudden? You really don’t want that guy back. You’re happy on your own. You used to be really confident. Why is all the feeling fat and ugly and scared for tests back? There isn’t even a real reason for that. You aren’t fat. You aren’t ugly. You shouldn’t be scared for your tests, ‘cause you’ve got some great brains. So, get over it. Enjoy all the cool things coming up: birthday party of M, birthday party of ooohhyeeahh, your first solo issue of the school paper, Sinterklaas, your birthday, more partyin’. Just enjoy, okay?


  1. becauseilikebirds said: Wow. Mooi. Emma, je bent niet dik, en je bent heel slim en je sleept ons allemaal door school heen dankzij je geweldige samenvattingen en partyin’ gaan we zeker, oke? Love you <3
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